The Website Visitors and their Contribution

When an online user want to know some information through the internet, he or she needs to browse different websites. 0Others would browse the internet to look for history as well.

The website is a good tool not only for businessmen but also for internet and computer users. Every day, there are millions of internet users. We can actually classify those who rely on the internet. You can see in the above infographic that there are different visitors of a website.

Tourists. What is the main purpose of a person in browsing a website that talks about travel and tourism? It’s simple, isn’t it? Surely, he wants to know what are the top tourist destinations of a certain place whether domestic or overseas.

Enthusiasts. These are online users who are interested in everything. They would browse or search any information which they want to know not focusing on a specific topic online.

Job Seekers. Since technology is developing so fast, a lot of job seekers rely on the internet searching for online jobs.

Scouts. By searching through the internet, online users always look for an opportunity for the future. They usually want to discover useful resources through the internet.